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Contact me about SEO options. I can assist you with a complete SEO overhaul on a monthly basis to grow your company or simply do a one time setup to rethink how you are utilizing your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a word that has started to pick up traction in the web design community in the last decade. The amount of money that can be made from SEO insight and direction is starting to outshine the graphic design community. This is because SEO is the single factor in whether or not your product sells, whether or not anyone finds your website relevant, whether or not your website gets any hits, and in many cases, whether or not your company will make enough money to stick around. Whether or not your company is web based or is an e-commerce company has little to do with it. The rules have changed.

SEO is becoming one of the most important parts of website structure and design. SEO is important for your website to be able to maintain a presence on the internet. This is done by designing your website correctly through a series of important techniques that includes keywords, tagging, rich content, links, social media, Blogs, and a wide variety of unique techniques that I use.

When it comes to website SEO, there is no denying that Google is king. Google doesn't exactly lay out the rules for how or why they do what they do, yet web designers have all realized that to comply with Google is to ensure the success of their website when marketing it to a larger audience.

There are a number of factors that play into how hard a website will have to "work" to get to the top of Google. Competition, city demographics, and website size all play important roles in website SEO.

If your website is a traffic driven website that relies on the constant use of the user then you have to build a strong website. If you can't make the top 5 of Google you are wasting your time and if you can't make it to number 1, then you are losing business and interest to whomever is beating you out.

The cost involved in SEO to place your site at the top of Google pays off not only in the long run but also in the short run. You can eliminate monthly advertising campaigns that are weighing down your budget. The time and effort that is being spent on networking and community commitments can be minimized because when your website is at the top, it will sell itself, even while you are sleeping. That is the great thing about website SEO; your website will advertise for you for free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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