Web Design Pricing

I keep my pricing very reasonable. Most of the design firms in Fort Wayne charge $10,000+ just to walk through the door. I keep my prices affordable by understanding the needs of my clients and presenting them with alternatives that will allow for a brilliant website presence without all of the extra costs.

My prices take into account the size of the site, the amount of web pages needed, SEO, programming and scripting, audience, e-commerce, website access, CMS requirements, timeframe, branding, and the amount of graphics.

I require half down to start and the second half is due upon full completion of the website. I accept all forms of payment including major credit cards. Below, are the different website types that I create based on price and expectation to help give you a better understanding. Take a moment to review them; I am certain that you will find one that fits not only your needs but also your budget. I also have a number of ala carte options available if you are looking for something unique. Please email me for a free price quote.

Basic Website
- A basic website is made up of 4 pages or less. It has minimal SEO ability due to it's size. This site will include no major scripting but still has original graphics and originality. Graphics and text will be tasteful and make sure to fill the space needed for the website and its needed content. Links to Social Media may be included. An original logo can be included in the final price. $900 - $1500

Example: Carly Dru Ceramics
Example: Professional Home Automation
Example: Leslie's Desserts

Typical Website - A typical website is where most of my client's find their niche. This website design or redesign allows for up to 10 pages. It can incorporate minimal back-end scripting, more SEO abilities although limited by its size, CMS integration, and original graphics. There is a continued focus on structure and original text. Social Media branding and integration may be included. An original logo is included, if needed. $1,500 - $3,000

Example: AL & AL Services
Example: Go Get Organized
Example: NIPRA

Extensive Website
- An extensive website (up to 20 pages) allows more time for the craft of the website and often may incorporate the possibility of CMS options. This website will allow for more SEO techniques and capabilities as well as the utlization of internet marketing as the site code is constructed. It will continue to have a focus on graphics and original text and formatting. This site may be considered the starting point for an e-commerce campaign a business model that genuinely wants to focus on the internet to drive traffic and customers to their business. An original logo is included, if needed. Basic Social Media package included. This will allow for continued branding of the website business. $3,000 - $5,000

Example: Midtowne Realty
Example: FWDC
Example: Cobblestone Golf Course

Larger Website
- A larger website allows for unlimited website possibilities. It will allow for over 20 pages worth of original source code and original graphic and text for the design layer. This website will focus strongly on SEO and growing the business. It will also incorporate any need for CMS, scripting, design, or menus. This website will allow for any internet marketing mixed in with SEO while building the brand of the website; a logo will be included with this package if needed. Full Social Media set up package included. $5,000+

Example: Club Soda
Example: Downtown Fort Wayne
Example: Liechty Buffalo Ranch

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