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Midtowne Realty is located in downtown Fort Wayne in the office suite 2 doors down from Detailed WebDesign. When Midtowne Realty came to me for help, they already had a website that was built and had been in use for several years. Unfortunately, the design was a decade out of date and the information was bare and hard to locate. They wanted something sleek but efficient. I proposed a website redesign that took all of their current information and expanded it through the use of a flash menu, and correct graphic placement. I created a flash menu that encompassedall of their Fort Wayne apartment complexes and allowed the user to view them and was just short of taking a virtual tour. The website allows for tenants to pay their rent online, new prospects to find answers to common questions and decide whether or not to see up an appointment, as well as contact information for the Midtowne Realty staff.


The design was based off of the style of many of their west central complexes in Fort Wayne, Indiana with a brick theme that was stylish and clean. Instead of creating a large website, I kept the canvas small and articulate to eliminate unwanted white space and allow users to be able to find exactly what they are looking for without having to scroll to find it.


The Midtowne Realty staff wanted to be able to update their website on their own because they have a constant stream of available apartments. I gave them adiscount on the software, sat with them to explain how to use it, and they were able to update the basics on their website without any troubles. They rely on me for major updates and changes on their site but able to keep control over the day to day changes.

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