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Liechty Buffalo Ranch was the first e-commerce website that I built from the ground up. Creating an e-commerce website is not something you do without a good amount of planning and preparation. The Liechty Buffalo Ranch website was originally built around 60 web pages. The website went on to be over 300 pages pages and as their site continue to grow, I could see the size of this website doubling or even tripling. This website is a good example of SEO. SEO is short for search engine optimization and is crucial to the success of any e-commerce website. This is because Google plays such an important role in driving traffic to any online business. Without it, a business can fail epically. However, through proper planning and the creation of a site that is large enough to get the attention of Google through correct SEO, you can find your website in the top 5 of Google searches and give yourself and your pocketbook a boost.

The Liechty Buffalo Ranch website has gained attention from the local news including Fort Wayne's Journal Gazette. This all happened within a few months of its launch. The website has helped them to generate thousands of dollars and serves not only as a place to sell products all over the continental United States but has served as a local menu for the hundreds of customers that they serve in the greater Fort Wayne area. They were generating so much interest from Fort Wayne callers and from emails that they eventually had to open a store to help fill the demandsthat had been generated from their website.


The website for Liechty Buffalo Ranch has gone on to become one of my signature websites that shows awide range of tools all at work within one highly functional website including the use of SEO, flash, e-commerce, a check-out system, and HTML. It has been great working with the Liechty's both during their start-up phase and as they continue to grow with each coming month.


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