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"Detailed Web Design was an absolute breeze to work with! Stephen really took the time to listen and understand my goals and visions for my website. I have received 5 purchases already from a website he built for me last month. I am looking forward to this new channel to promote and grow my business. Stephen was efficient, attentive, and an absolute joy to work with. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to jumpstart and expand their business venture." - Carly Bilby, www.carlydruceramics.com

It was a pleasure working with Fort Wayne's Carly Bilby. She has been making ceramics for years and wanted to find a way to share it with the Fort Wayne community and the world. She needed a logo design and a web design. The purpose of her website was to allow her to have an online presence where she could sell her ceramics. She also wanted to be able to share her online calendar and upcoming events.

Carly was easy to work with and very supportive of the creative process. I presented her with a half dozen logo concepts that we were able to slim down to one final prospect. I used the logo as the inspiration for the outline of the website design… and the rest is history.

Carly received a large amount of support from her friends in regard to the design and I was happy to be a part of helping her dreams come true. The day after her website went live, she started selling items from her website. Hearing things like this really help solidify my value in my clients and the creative process that goes into making a website a reality for my Fort Wayne clients.

Take a moment to check out her new website and her art work. She truly is talented and has some unique pieces. Review her LOGO and her WEBSITE.


Check out the website:  Carly Dru Ceramics

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