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I worked with the owner of Blistok for a redesign of his website. This site will beused to help grow his clientelle in the Fort Wayne area for both retail and wholesale customers. By doing a dual site, it allows him to have complete control over his prices based on who is buying. A secure login allows him to give certain access to his wholesale buyers.


This website is currently under construction.


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I have made a wide range of websites in the last few years. I believe that websites have to take into consideration a number of options in order to be successful. I have worked on everything from e-commerce to image-based websites and have found a way to take the strong points from each of them. Each time I build a new website, I take the strengths from my previous work to build a new creation.

Websites need to relay the importance of SEO, audience accessibility and potential traffic, easy navigation, beautiful graphics, limitations and full-use of flash images, and the importance of building a strong code as well as a beautifully crafted website on the front end.

In addition to this, most websites do not look the same on a Mac, a PC, an iPad, or a smart phone. It is important to have a designer that is able to build a website that is allowed to be viewed the same on multiple platforms. Today's world will not settle for anything less.

It is important to find someone that has your entire needs in mind when they start the website. That is where I come into play. In the Fort Wayne area, you are not going to find any other designer that can compete with my prices while giving you the web design quality, web design graphics, and web design SEO opportunities.


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